Gaming Smith Men

In this episode 360MEN funder Daniel Comp runs around Phoenix for 10 days to meet the first ~20 360MEN. What a fabulous group of guys with great feedback, insights and passion. The story-line is historical. Noah. Pharaoh. Think; being 'gamed' by the ruling few with stories - made-up rules and duties. Compare harvesting wheat and building pyramids by the masses to todays working class with entertainment and information. Today we're creating data for the new elite - the algorithms. There's a simple puzzle and story that demonstrate both the 'game' and the 'experience' of both the elite and the masses. You already know the answer, but the story is so convincing that you end up being 'gamed' You don't have to face the upcoming flood of DATAISM alone. 360MEN has a set of blueprints. Get in the conversation. Learn from guys around you that are self-aware and on the way to self-understanding. Share your story and join the conversation at Special thanks to: Bil